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Well im a normal 14 yrs old girl.
I live in Viet Nam.
And i like to spend my time with friends,i love my friends alot,but seems like they're not interested in Livejournal
I love movies
horror movies:The Ring T.T,The Bone Collector..
cartoon:Ice Age,Up,Brother Bear,Tarzan,Doraemon,Kungfu Panda,Tangled,Shrek,Despicable Me..(love cartoons)
comedy:Home alone,Norbit..
•action:X-Men,Transpoter,12 rounds..
•other:The blind side,The lovely bones,All about steve,500 days of summer,Shutter island,Titanic,The curious case of Benjamin Button,Black swan...
I love Music and i love Hip-Hop and R&B
Michael Jackson,The Black Eyed peas,Linkin Park and TVXQ r my favorite
I love models and i like
Andrej Pejic,Ann Ward